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Imagine your own piece of coastal property; your own custom home tailored to your every desire. The cool ocean air softly lifting the hair out of your eyes as the warmth of the sun sets in to your skin, you’ve worked too hard for this moment to compromise now. When you’re looking for a trusted luxury home provider, you can rely on Pacific California to deliver everything your wishing for and more.

Pacific California Residential is setting a new standard of luxury in Coastal California Real Estate.  Both a Real Estate Brokerage firm and a Real Estate Development Firm in one, Pacific California is a full-service home acquisition company. Our team’s unmatched knowledge of coastal markets allows us to connect clients with their perfect properties in a fast and cost-effective manner and our Home Development capabilities allow us to go above and beyond for those clients with discerning tastes.

Meet The Team

Paul D. Crane, CEO

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paulAs the CEO of Pacific California Residential, Mr. Crane heads the company‚Äôs strategic product type focus and specific market selection. Mr. Crane aims to provide the communities of Orange County and Los Angeles with homes that set a new standard for luxury. 

Mr. Crane is a real estate professional and entrepreneur with over ten years of asset management and development experience. Prior to starting Pacific California Residential, Mr. Crane consulted in Real Estate for a wealth management firm located in Irvine, CA. In this role he repositioned nearly 300 distressed assets through short-sale, off-market, and bulk purchase transactions. He raised nearly 17 MM in new capital and grew the portfolio by 23 percent over three years.

Consolidating his experience, Mr. Crane now leads  Pacific California Residential as their Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Crane showcases his biggest strength in future market planning. Studying trends and financial forecasts in Los Angeles and Orange county, Mr. Crane is able to pinpoint the very best opportunities for his clients before the majority of industry professionals catch on.

Mr. Crane is a licensed real estate and mortgage broker with over 10 years of real estate investment experience. He resides in Orange California. 


Paul provided a level of service that went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you Paul!

Adam & Jessica Short

Paul is a professional in his area and a pleasure to work with.

Tony Sheriff